Globalization and technology have led to the homogenization of your life, and now you crave locally made and authentic experiences. Contrived, packaged tourism is not for you.


Locals are! Locals are the ultimate shopping deal hunters, they know the best local winemakers, can organise gondola lessons in Venice and pastry-making in France. They have those connections. Travel is not just about seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum. It’s about learning how to make homemade Tuscan cuisine, tiramisu or balsamic vinegar, meeting the winemakers and chefs, or biking secret local's trails.

Siamo creates and links extra-ordinary experiences, with ‘approved’ local guides, for independent people. We take all the headaches out of independent experiential travel, provide guidance when needed, but stay at arms length to give you independence. We give you flexibility to do your own thing, and not to be with people you don't know, or connect you with real locals (with like-minded values to you) when needed for authentic, off the beaten track, journeys and adventures that can’t be found in Guide Books or on Trip Advisor.

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Eating and Drinking

Great food, great wine, new friends, and memorable experiences - Let us share everything we love about eating and drinking like a local.

Eating is not a race, certainly not one to win! Long slow meals savoring the absolute delights of Italian & NZ local cuisine is what Siamo is all about.  It’s very very rare to find anything but delicious food in either country, and we certainly have spent some time looking! 

Italian food is greatly influenced by its geographical characteristics.  Even the most simplistic of dishes will reflect the region’s immediate resources.  Interestingly, the Dolomites cuisine was founded on an impoverished region where local hunting contributed to most of the table diet. As such the Dolomites are known for their mountain food of game meat, polenta, speck, casunziei (ravioli filled with beetroot).  Many of our daytime meals will be eaten in Refugios which are essentially small chalets placed to the side of a ski run and on any given field you could find more than a handful of them.  In most cases you can find anything from toasted sandwiches to full restaurant fare.  Not known to deviate much from traditional food means those who have gluten or dairy intolerances or nut allergies may need to be prepared to negotiate the menu.  Your Siamo host, when present will be pleased to help you with your meal choices.  Wine - well, the Italians didn't invent it, but they sure did master it!  Most places we'll take you will have exceptional local table wine, offered in quarter, half or full litre carafes, and often paired with acqua frizzante (mineral water with gas).

New Zealand's cuisine is a little harder to define.  Eclectic and fusion come to mind when trying to describe the large range of cuisine options available in any town.  Diverse immigration, coupled with local fare such as the freshest seafood or organically farmed meat with flavours influenced by both the East and the West means that any given meal in NZ will be new and adventurous.  Alive and well in NZ is a strong cafe culture where having a coffee equates to a widely supported social 'time out'.  Any cafe on any given day will be packed with business people negotiating deal after deal over a long coffee meeting!  Lunches tend to be more cafe style while dinners are definite restaurant affairs, covering starters, mains and desserts.  Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan meals are well catered for in NZ.  Just chat with your Siamo Host who will help you with the menu.  Generally NZ Wines are not produced on the same grand scale as their Italian counterparts which means buying a bottle is your normal option.  We'll introduce you to our favourite local wines as we move across the country, including NZ's world class Sauvignon Blanc's and Pinot Noir's.


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