Globalization and technology have led to the homogenization of your life, and now you crave locally made and authentic experiences. Contrived, packaged tourism is not for you.


Locals are! Locals are the ultimate shopping deal hunters, they know the best local winemakers, can organise gondola lessons in Venice and pastry-making in France. They have those connections. Travel is not just about seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum. It’s about learning how to make homemade Tuscan cuisine, tiramisu or balsamic vinegar, meeting the winemakers and chefs, or biking secret local's trails.

Siamo creates and links extra-ordinary experiences, with ‘approved’ local guides, for independent people. We take all the headaches out of independent experiential travel, provide guidance when needed, but stay at arms length to give you independence. We give you flexibility to do your own thing, and not to be with people you don't know, or connect you with real locals (with like-minded values to you) when needed for authentic, off the beaten track, journeys and adventures that can’t be found in Guide Books or on Trip Advisor.

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Already planning a summer break to Europe this year? Italy is everybody's favourite destination and here is our take on why - the 7 Italian hotspots that will have your friends green with envy! 

7. Milan

In position number 7 is the very epicentre of Italy’s fashion and design… it’s large, its cosmopolitan, and it seethes with industrialism. But inspiration and energy can be found in every corner of Milan's vibrant night life, its historical foundations and its cultural heritage. Start your day of play first by wandering the streets and exploring the fashionable shops and later by night in any one of the city's thriving clubs.

6. Cinque Torre

Be prepared to fall in love. Cinque Torre is an Italian dream destination. Its an amalgamation of sensory delights – colour saturated fishing villages nestled in small alcoves of spectacular coastline, interesting locals with a passion for life and with a fine heritage of producing (and delighting in) wine & olive production.  Stay in Riomaggiore, the first of five villages that make up Cinque Terre, where the cool ocean breeze of the aqua coloured Ligurian Sea face you and lush green mountains are behind you. Residents hang from the windows of their pastel coloured home precariously perched on the rocky shoreline to listened to the water crash against the rocks. The quaint car-free village is a breath of fresh air for tired urban travellers. Riomaggiore was once divided by a river thus giving it its name; major river.

Hiking (or running) between the villages of Cinque Terre is an experience of a lifetime! Walking through sprawling vineyards, following narrow foot paths along the coast and finding a trail through the numerous olive trees it is far from easy! The route connecting the five villages (Riomaggiore Manarola Corniglia Vernazza and Monterosso) offers a foot passage to pure Italy. The later two villages having almost been completely wiped away by flash floods and mudslides in October 2011.

5. Pisa

Just to say you’ve been and to get ‘that’ photo!

4. Rome

There was never a more true saying than ‘Rome wasn’t founded in a day’! It took millenniums to create what we now know as modern Rome – where past and present collide in a visual spectacle of historical depth and modern architecture. Rome is unique in every way and no trip to Italy should bypass this amazing city!  It's a bustling city where millions of people roam hundreds of historic landmarks and numerous eateries line the busy streets

3. Florence & Tuscany

Cuisine & Wine. What more can we say? Tuscany is about the best of both and you will not be disappointed. Here you’ll enjoy a relaxing glass of the finest local Chianti amongst rolling Tuscan vineyards while by day, let Florence will be your inspiration. Widely acknowledged, as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’ Florence is a pure delight - founded on arts and science, food and wine, industry, craft and commerce, this is a town steeped in visual and historical heritage - and market shopping! The right here's a secret: the best shopping in Italy isn’t located in Rome or Milan. It’s in Florence. In the city that seems to have artwork growing on every street corner it’s no surprise that Florentines are aesthetes at heart. It’s here that you’ll find world-famous gold and leather plus stylish clothing, delicious food items and irresistible souvenirs.

2. Venice

A must visit this summer is the beautiful historical trading city of Venice. Romantic, surreal and stunningly beautiful Venice is a city unlike any other in the world – truly unique and magnificent. There is so much to immerse yourself in; rambling around the water encased streets enjoying the Venetian life and experiencing the small local trattorias, a vaporetto trip to the island of Murano to witness the intricate skill and tradition of glass blowing, a ride on a gondola, or find a traditional chamber Orchestras for a live show. So much to soak up and experience!

1. Verona

Our number one destination for Italy this year is not necessarily a town most peopler have on their planned itinerary. The jewel in Italy's historical crown, Verona is lesser known than Rome, Venice or Florence but for us - it is our romantic highlight.  Shakespeare thought so too! So much so that he took the cobbled laneways incased in this walled city and rising from a natural river based moat with the best preserved Roman amphitheatre in Italy as the scene for his tragic tales of Romeo and Juliet and the Taming of the Shrew. Watching sunset over the walled city is our top tip for 2017. Stunning!

Italy is Europe's hottest destination for 2017. The home of great food and fine wine, Italy provides the epic tourist places which you have grown up dreaming of visiting, but also amazing experiences off the beaten track and into the back streets, canals and villages. 

Siamo Travel trips:

In 2017 Siamo has our 9-day Essential Italy itinerary where you travel with our local guides by train for an real authentic Italian experience! The Siamo Lunch on the Run Trip from Bordeaux to Cortina also travels through Northern Italy taking in Cinque Terra, Milan, Verona, Lake Garde, Venice and the Dolomites. Take the rare opportunity to run/hike the Cinque Terre trails.

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